Tūturiwhatu Dotterel

Great Barrier Island

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Ecology Category: Fauna and Birds

  • The endangered New Zealand Dotterel / Tūturiwhatu is found only in this country.

    The endangered New Zealand dotterel was once widespread and common. Now there are only about 1,700 birds left, making dotterels more at risk than some species of kiwi.

    The impacts of coastal development on habitat, introduced predators and disturbance during breeding seasons are all factors in the drop in numbers.

    New Zealand status: Endemic
    Conservation status
    Southern NZ dotterel: Threatened – Nationally Critical,
    Northern NZ dotterel: At Risk – Recovering
    Found in: Coastal areas around much of the North Island; Stewart Island in the South
    Threats: Predation, habitat loss, disturbance, tide and storm surges

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